Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Top 5 of the Week

Sorry I've been neglecting this part of the blog! I've been really busy, prepping for graduation! Mostly I've been trying to give my grades a last minute boost by doing any work that I didn't feel like doing during the trimester. The only two classes that I did all of my work for were Newspaper and my Advanced Literature class, because they're the ones that are most important to me.
So this week, even though I KNOW I don't do this weekly, it's my top five favorite.....ACTORS. No actresses, I'm saving that one for when I run out of ideas of what to do for top 5 spotlights. Most of you probably haven't heard of most of them. The majority of them are close to middle age and British.
Oh, and I don't know the terms of use with pictures of people, but no copyright infringement is intended by using them!
 1. Andrew Lee Potts
I love this man. I first saw him in Syfy's miniseries, Alice, as the Hatter. After this, I mercilessly stalked his Wikipedia page, looking for anything else that he was in. Lo and behold, he is in a certain British show called Primeval. Only the first couple seasons are played on Syfy, and only occasionally, but I never miss a single one. Never. I love this man, and his accent.
 2. Benedict Cumberbatch
If there's anyone out there who hasn't seen the new, British adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, simply entitled Sherlock, then I heartily suggest that you do. It is my favorite new show. Cumberbatch is absolutely amazing as the title character!
 3. David Tennant
On the British television series Doctor Who, he played Doctor number eleven, and since then he has been voted the best Doctor of all time. He was replaced a couple years ago by a man named Matt Smith, who is not nearly as good. Sorry, Matt Smith. It's just the truth. NO ONE can be David.
 4. John Simm
Also from Doctor Who, he played the Doctor's arch nemesis and fellow Timelord, the Master. No one can play a psycho like this man. He was absolutely amazing. I recommend all episodes where he guest stars. 
5. Misha Collins
He played Castiel in the hit TV show Supernatural. His "angel" voice is one of the sexiest things I've ever heard in my life. Not gonna lie.

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