Friday, February 10, 2012

Day Forty One: Ombre Trench Dress

I was deligated the task of creating a DIY project for my school newspaper for this month, and I had the coolest idea, to combine a vintage 70's skirt and an old messenger-bag style purse and create a hipster backpack. It would have been awesome, if I hadn't have completely lost my sewing kit. Instead, I made this ombre dress, and hopefully someone likes the tutorial.
Although, if I find my sewing kit by Sunday, I will hopefully have enough time to make the backpack, write up the tutorial, and take a picture before Monday. Fingers crossed.

Alright, so first, I mixed my two colors of homemade spray paint.
I sprayed the red one around the edges and the blue mainly in the middle. I sprayed them each sparsely in between, but I made sure to concentrate them in their own areas.
In a separate bottle, I combined the two colors to make a purple, which I also sprayed a little bit in the middle-ish areas. It is important not to go to heavy on this shade.
You don't have to cover the entire area of the garment. Just make it look awesome!
Let it dry. I hung mine over a furnace vent.

Viola! Done.
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