Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day Thirty Nine: Chain Flower Bag

Guess who got her camera to work again! Ha, that really made me happy today. As for how my huge test went...well, I honestly have no idea. I did my best, and hope for a good score, but anything at C level would make me happy because of the difficulty of the class. I have decided on another clay project to make; this one is a Lady Gaga inspired bowl with shards of CDs glued strategically on it. We'll see how it turns out. :)
I've been wanting to do this for days. I was inspired to do this by the ruffles on the bag. Looking at them just made me want to hang chains from them. Also, the flower is drooping on purpose, because I wanted to give it a slight edge.

I used several different legnths of chain, measuring them by sight.
With an exacto knife, I poked holes in the lining on the underside of the ruffles, and threaded through jump rings. To these jump rings I attached the chains.
I took a flower hair clip and used it to clip several of the chains together to make it more edgy and more like my style. :)

Viola! Done.
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