Friday, February 24, 2012

Faux Turban Headband

I got this tutorial from Studs and Pearls, but instead of sewing the fabric down, I used hot glue, because I lost my sewing kit. In the process of creating it, I burned the hell out of my finger! Instead of putting the knot in the middle of my forehead, I put it slightly to the side, because I love asymmetry. It's just so me.
The process of making this was pretty simple. I took an old headband, one that I absolutely never wear, and tied a legnth of fabric around it.
Using hot glue, I set the knot in place, and then wrapped the fabric around the rest of the headband on either side, using more glue to hold it in place. I know that this one doesn't actually look like a turban; I purposely made both of my creations' fabric looser because I liked the look better. I don't care if people can tell it's a headband. :)
I was so mad this morning! I got up at 4 because I realized that I'd forgotten to read Turn of the Screw for my AP Literature class, and when I finished at 6, I decided to take a half hour nap before my alarm went off at 6:30. At 6:15, I was bombarded by text messages from friends about the snow day we were having. :P If I'd just turned on the tv at 4, I could have been sleeping that entire time.
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