Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last Days of Pompeii Coffee Container...thing.

Whoo! Yes, guess who's back. In the past x-amount of days, I have learned many things about myself. Mainly that my love of gas masks is unhealthy. I found one on Etsy for 20 dollars, free shipping, and I was aching for it. It was torture to just look and not be able to have!! When I grow up, I'm going to collect gas masks from different eras, and there will be a room in my house wholly dedicated to them. And the design for my house will be based off the castle from Poe's short story, "Masque of the Red Death." In this house, I will live in the purple room and my closet will be full of Zooey Deschanel-esque dresses. See Mom? I DO have a plan!
This project was made out of the remnants of my book box project. I couldn't bear to let the insides of my box go to waste, so I used them and liberal amounts of Mod Podge to make this coffee thing worth looking at. The book was The Last Days of Pompeii, which was so old that the pages were literally flaking. This created really cool patterns in the collage. Or, at least, I thought they were cool.
Today is Thursday, time for the new episode of Project Runway All-Stars! I'm so excited. Mondo and Michael are my favorites. Mila kind of scares me, though, and I don't like any of her stuff. I find it kind of funny that Austin gets all the attention in the commercials, but none of the clothes he's designed have been much good. Love his vibrant personality though.
Tomorrow I'm going shopping for a vintage prom dress! We're mainly sticking to Goodwills and Salvation Armies, trying to find one that's really cute but cheap. Wish me luck!

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