Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day Thirty Three: Huge F-ing Bow Headband

Hahaha, so I made this bow, which I am actually going to wear in public, today. I love Lady Gaga and crazy style and stuff. Today I got many compliments on the outfit that I wore, which was really hilarious, because I was late to school, so I picked the first complete outfit off the top of my clean clothes pile. I ended up wearing a kimono-style translucent dress over a pair of bright red short shorts and a homemade tank top that says "Love Saves Lives" in horrible stenciling that I was experimenting with about two years ago, coupled with a pair of neon pink tights. Needless to say, I looked interesting.

Alright, so I pretty much just gathered a large piece of tulle and wrapped a purple ribbon around the middle of it three times, so that the ribbon would be more noticeable.
After glueing the ribbon in place, I glued the entire thing to this headband.

Viola! Done.
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