Friday, February 10, 2012

Day Forty Two: Mod Podge Paint

Yes, that's right. I learned the correct spelling of Mod Podge! You probably all thought I was some sort of simpleton or something. :P I felt so silly when I actually took the time to READ the label! Anyways, I made this today after looking at a tutorial for making lip gloss with eyeshadow, and then another for making matte nail polish with eyeshadow. I just thought...why not paint??
Then I thought back to the 856 bazillion glitter shoe tutorials there are on Youtube and various craft sites, and how they're all pretty much the same. But what if you use eyeshadow instead of fine glitter? Mistress Mari investigates.

First, I combined all of the different shades of the colors I needed to make the color of shadow I wanted. I made sure to crush it up completely.
After this, I added approximately the same amount of Mod Podge as there was eyeshadow. I mixed well.
I have not yet found a pair of shoes to test this on, so I tested it on some scrap fabric. It looked lovely. :)

Viola! Done.
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