Monday, February 6, 2012

Day Thirty Seven: Elastic Headband to Bow Bracelet

Mmmm....huge ass test tomorrow. I don't swear that often, or--in this situation--lightly. It will literally make or break my grade in my Advanced Placement Literature course. I am right now skimming over and answering questions about all of the poetry we have covered this unit, hoping for some new inspiration to help me on this test. Wish me luck, I really need it. Every single essay I have ever turned in in that class, I have gotten a C on, mostly because the teacher doesn't like me very much, and she's well-known for being a very biased grader. Wish me lots and lots of luck. I wish you the same in all of tomorrow's life adventures. :)

Okay, so I took an elastic headband that was incredibly plain. As you can see, only the back of it is elastic, the front is just fabric.
I fit the elastic to my wrist, and pinned it where it wasn't cutting into my skin.
I then had one huge loop of the not-elastic fabric over the elastic around my wrist. I flattened it down, then tied a ribbon around the middle, making it a bow. It looks a lot better than the picture. Once again, my regular camera is currently dead, so I have resorted to taking pictures with my webcam.

Viola! Done.
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